Managed Cloud Services

The world of Cloud services is not for the faint of heart. You must decide on the most appropriate approach to start leveraging the Cloud. Should your network be on-premise, hybrid, or fully hosted? Should I move from a converged infrastructure to a hyperconverged Infrastructure? Do you need geo-redundancy? How about your on-premise connectivity, does it ensure that you stay connected to the Cloud? Should Disaster Recovery be in a private data center, or is a backup solution with built-in (although limited) DR/BCP enough? And we haven’t even started talking about hosted servers, containers or instances. The questions go on and on and the answers are all important in delivering the right Cloud solutions, applications and services to meet your business needs.

Kobargo SPECIALIZES IN Cloud solutions that are custom built for your business needs, and deliver the best in DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT.


Managed Cloud Services - We optimize your infrastructure, reduce your licensing costs, and configure, deploy and manage all the equipment necessary to connect to the "right" cloud hosting provider or private data center(s).

Keys to our Managed Service Delivery Process

  1. Collect, Assess & Design
  • We collect information on your current environment (virtual, physical or a mix) using software tools that provide real-time reports on resource allocation and utilization.
  • Working with you and your team, we assess your business drivers and needs, and focus on your mission critical applications.
  • Based on our data collection and assessment we design a solution that lets your company leverage the Cloud to be more agile, functional and productive.
  1. Virtualize, Connect & Deploy
  • We configure your Cloud solution with data redundancy, orchestration, and automation.
  • We connect your network and users to your Cloud resources.
  • We deploy your Cloud applications and solutions to your desktops and mobile devices.
  1. Manage, Monitor & Support
  • Post implementation we manage your Cloud infrastructure to keep it running smoothly, without interruption.
  • We monitor system health and availability, connectivity and utilization, and adjust for peak performance.
  • We support your users and remediate all issues.


Kobargo has partnered with the leading Cloud solution providers, including VMware, Dell, Cisco, Nutanix, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, to provide you with an analysis of your current environment and a “best-in-breed” solution that is focused on better services with efficient pricing. We don't "sell you" these services as a cost savings measure, although most customers realize a lower monthly recurring cost, but rather as a better solution.

Keys to our Service Delivery Process

·Review your current services and cost ·Review your contractual obligations and service levels
·Analyze your usage, expense and plans ·Understand your requirements and objectives
·Design a better solution that fits your business needs ·Implement "the better" solution
·Manage your Cloud environment ·Support your business

Kobargo Hosted Services include: