Managed Telecommunications Services

The world of Managed Telecommunications is not for the faint of heart. You must decide on a carrier, the appropriate connectivity for your data and voice networks, and the best design. It all needs to integrate seamlessly and work efficiently throughout all hours of the day, ready whenever you need it.

Who in your company designs, monitors, and manages the equipment keeping everything connected? Can they be available whenever you need it?

We specialize in highly available, multi-location SD-WAN, MPLS, SIP, and Internet connectivity design, implementation and management.

Who is your remediation backup? Administering your routers is NOT a job for carriers. Ask anyone who deals with them every day! To report a connectivity issue, you hold on the phone or await a call back, then are obligated to prove the issue is not a local problem. After another delay, you'll receive a call that may or may not be helpful.

Your business can't afford to wait around. Your internet access, data, or network – the IT lifeline of any business – doesn’t ever belong “on hold.”

Whether you need a hybrid WAN design, MPLS circuits, SIP, Internet connectivity, or VOIP solutions, contact Kobargo to move your business forward. No confusion, no sitting around on hold ... just advanced solutions and powerful options.

Services and Benefits:

Managed Telecom Services - We optimize your WAN infrastructure, reduce your monthly spend, and configure, deploy and manage all the equipment necessary to connect to the "right" carrier(s). We handle all carrier new service turn up events, and remediate all telecom issues; no customer involvement is required. When we receive a monitoring alert from our management system, we open a trouble ticket with the carrier and work with them until the issue is resolved.

Keys to our Managed Service Delivery Process
1. Design
Multi-location, multi-carrier SD-WAN, MPLS and SIP networks
Highly available Internet services
Co-location facilities and services
Multi-homed VPN networks

2. Configure, Install & Turn Up
SD-WAN, MPLS, SIP and Internet circuits and equipment
VPN Network connectivity and equipment
Voice and data Class of Service configurations

3. Manage
WAN connectivity equipment (CPE)
Carrier relationship
Circuit trouble tickets

4. Monitor
Premise equipment health and availability
Site connectivity
Bandwidth and traffic utilization

Carrier Services - We provide you with an analysis of your current telecommunication contracts, spend and service delivery free of charge. We price out new carrier services with an alternate, best-in-class provider, with a focus on better services with competitive pricing. We don't "sell you" these services as a cost savings measure, although most customers realize a lower monthly recurring cost, but rather a better solution. There is NO cost to you for these services and no obligation on your part if you do not switch carriers. We also provide project management, turn up support and carrier management services as part of our service delivery process.

Keys to our Carrier Service Delivery Process

  • Review your current services
  • Understand your contractual obligations and service levels
  • Analyze your usage, expense and plans
  • Understand your requirements and objectives
  • Design a better solution that fits your business needs
  • Implement "the better" solution
  • Manage your circuit turn ups
  • Support your carrier connectivity

Food for Thought:

Why is Telecommunications so important to your company?
Aside from the obvious need to connect remote users and locations, telecommunication services are the basis for all your mission critical applications, be it email, remote access,, Google Apps, or your phone service. Building and managing a telecommunications infrastructure that can survive carrier outages and allows your company to continue operating should be your number one priority. Whether your applications and data are moving to a private cloud or the public cloud your ability to access this information cannot depend on the carrier designing and maintaining your connectivity. Our approach to building a high availability infrastructure leverages multiple, best-in-class carriers and proactively monitors and maintains your infrastructure and connectivity.

Why shouldn’t the carrier design my telecom services?
During the telecom design phase carriers are only interested in selling as many circuits and services as possible and will not be concerned with anything connected behind their equipment. Knowledge of the customer’s network, bandwidth requirements for each location, Internet usage patterns, telephone system and mission critical applications allows us to design a robust, efficient and cost effective telecom service delivery. Don't let the carrier dictate your needs, you require a partner with a clear understanding of how you work and your network.

For more information about our Telecom Services, call our NY office (855) 562-2740 or email