Hosted VOIP Starter’s Guide

What is it? Hosted VOIP is a full featured, cloud based phone system usually delivered over a multi-megabit Internet connection.
Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses looking to leverage the cloud to reduce capital costs and on premise equipment.

  • Leverage your existing Internet connection, no additional carrier service required.
  • Low entry costs since there are typically no up-front costs for deployment.
  • No need to hire in-house staff to manage or provide support.
  • More predictable pricing with a pay as you go pricing model. No additional fees for maintenance contracts and hardware or service costs associated with on premise PBX.
  • Many providers are offering month to month terms so you are not locked into a term contract as with typical carriers.
  • Online administration permits remote management of the system including services, features and functions that can be turned on or off as employee counts change.
  • More user autonomy as they can manage their own profiles, change their find me/follow me numbers, change their PIN for accessing voicemail, or modify the email address to which their voicemails will be sent.
  • Extremely high levels of uptime. Be sure to pick a provider that provides a service level agreement and 99.999% uptime.
  • Lower cost of ownership since you are only paying for phones.

The shift from a capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operating expense (OPEX) model is one of the most compelling arguments for utilizing cloud based services. At Kobargo Technology Partners we believe with the right information, the right partner and effective planning customers can leverage technology to help grow their business. Call us today to become more tech savvy and move your business in the right direction.



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