Kobargo Technology Partners Teams Up with Guardian Data Destruction

Surprise, Arizona, January 2019 – Kobargo Technology Partners has partnered with Guardian Data Destruction to provide our customers a comprehensive suite of ONSITE e-data destruction services, ranging from hard drive shredding, NSA degaussing and DOD erasure on desktop and data center equipment to site decommissioning, asset recovery and secure transportation.

Because the slightest data breach is a risk no company can afford, the demand for secure, compliant and absolute erasure and destruction of hard drives and other computer equipment is growing. As assets reach end-of-life or end-of-lease, and as data centers refresh or move to the cloud, there are risks that may occur if private data reaches an unwanted recipient. When our clients are discarding or purchasing any type of data storage equipment – phones, tablets, hard drives, or computers –Kobargo will be prepared to eliminate the risk of data exposure or loss, with the proper, environmentally safe disposal of old electronic equipment.

“Most businesses are not aware of the requirements surrounding the proper disposal of electronic equipment and the potential risk of data loss”, said Yuval Goren, President & CEO of Kobargo Technology Partners. “As our customer’s IT service provider, it’s our duty to deliver solutions that protect their data, brand and reputation.”

Kobargo continues to be an innovator in the IT service arena, staying as nimble and agile as possible and always exploring “out of the box” ways to harness technology. We are careful about choosing firms to partner with – they must meet our exceptionally high standards of delivering necessary services and customer service. We are pleased to say that Guardian Data Destruction meets and exceeds the high bar we have set.

About Kobargo Technology Partners

Kobargo is an IT Engineering firm with nearly 50 years of collective technology experience offering world-class technology services and solutions to businesses across the nation. Founded in 2012, Kobargo’s mission is to provide strategic technology support services, solutions and guidance to businesses adopting cloud technologies to ensure they achieve their profitability and growth goals.

Kobargo enables customers to focus on their core competencies and leave behind the cost and complexities of outdated, resource-draining, systems by providing powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions. Kobargo’s experience guiding Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in their adoption of advanced technologies is translated into superior, white-glove IT services. Kobargo Technology Partners is headquartered in Arizona, with a regional office in New York. Contact us today with any questions and to schedule an assessment of your IT security. Please let us know how we can partner with you on your technology needs.

About Guardian Data Destruction

Guardian Data Destruction is an onsite, single-source solution for decommissioning, data destruction and logistics-providing mobile data erasure and destruction services that eliminate the risk of data breach inherent in transport of live data from customers’ facilities. Guardian provides 100% secure, compliant, absolute data destruction ON SITE, using a NAID-certified process, following the NSA-compliant (DoD) process and using NSA-certified equipment when requested. Headquartered in the New York metro area with 22 mobile continental US locations in most major cities, Guardian Data Destruction is comprised of a bonded team with experience in logistics, chain of custody, and asset destruction, removal, and destruction.  In addition to the 2MM SSD Shredder, Guardian owns and uses high specialized, proprietary hardware and software systems for both destructively and non-destructively erasing digital data from hard drives and large storage farms – delivering mobile results that are secure, compliant and absolute.


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