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6 Secrets To Improve Your Dealership's Slow Wireless Network

When looking to optimize your dealership’s wireless network you must take several things into account that can affect performance.  The wireless design, signal strength, wireless interference, distance from the router, and adapter type can all be causes for poor performance. Below are some tips and recommendations to make sure you

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4 Secrets to Leveraging Technology at your Dealership

For years we’ve been talking about new technology that will allow car buyers to purchase their vehicles online, essentially eliminating the need for sales people. Sure, we have seen a little uptick in online vehicle purchases but whether this has addressed the main issue or has been an effective solution,

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Cyber Security Awareness (Part 1)

Since 2004 the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security and the non-profit National Cyber Security Alliance have sponsored National Cyber Security Awareness month every October as a way to remind all of us – both individuals and businesses – to be wary of cyber risks and

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K-Cloud Unlimited Backup and Recovery FAQ

Every business today has important data they can’t afford to operate without, from simple spreadsheets to entire physical servers. That data has strategic business value, and by keeping it protected, Kobargo allows clients to focus on what matters most, growing a thriving business, by delivering a simple installation process, automatic

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Your Data is at Risk

The statistics are not in your favor. Every day businesses shut their doors permanently simply because they didn’t have a reliable data protection service. Those that don’t go under, spend thousands of dollars and sometimes years rebuilding what they once had at their fingertips. The numbers don’t lie. 6% of

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It’s not about the technology, dummy

Let’s face it, every MSP likes to talk about “their” technology, but the truth is that for the most part we all offer the same solutions. We all deliver network administration, help desk, hosted services, virtualization, consulting, projects, blah blah blah, with some minor variations. We are all trying to

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IT Services – Old vs New

Kobargo gives you comprehensive reports every month and quarter to show work performed, identify issues, and support optimized IT budgeting.

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Worry-Free Computing

Managed services refer to IT services delivered in a defined manner with a predictable expense. Typically, managed services are delivered with a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system that allows an IT solution provider to monitor the health and performance of customer IT assets 24/7. RMM means that we can perform proactive maintenance efficiently to stabilize your IT, and respond with rapid remote remediation when things go wrong.

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Why Managed Services?

With the increase in IT Managed Service providers in the market using better management tools, and new technology offerings and challenges (Cloud, BDR, Big Data, BYOD, etc) confronting the SMB market, outsourcing is quickly becoming an attractive alternative to hiring and managing in-house staff. Even large, technically capable, businesses are

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Unlimited Cloud Backup

Kobargo Technology Partners’ K-Cloud Online Backup Now Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage for A Low Monthly Price K-Cloud Backup and Recovery Services Help Kobargo Technology Partners’ Customers Comply with Regulations, Automatically Protect Data and Gain Peace of Mind Syosset, NY — July 31, 2014 —Kobargo Technology Partners, a leading managed IT

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