Save thousands on equipment and telecom costs with our hosted PBX!

Are you still uses outdated analog or digital, on-premise phone systems? We quickly and painlessly upgrade your business to our VOIP platform. More features, better service and lower costs. 

Hosted PBX provides an enterprise-grade phone system that’s delivered via the cloud with significant cost savings over on-premise PBX. It helps lower the costs of your phone system, provides features that can make every employee more effective, and helps ensure a hassle-free, fully managed solution that keeps you focused on business. Best of all, Hosted PBX keeps pace with your business as it changes and grows.

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A Hassle-Free, Fully Managed Cloud Experience
The experts at Kobargo ensure you’re ready to make calls the moment you plug in your phone and are on hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you need any technical assistance or support. What’s more, Hosted PBX leverages our world-class datacenters to assure the highest levels of reliability.

Watch our cost savings webinar as we delve into your current phone costs, and share insider tips on how to untangle the phone bill mess and avoid hidden costs. We also discuss our before-and-after comparison study of how 19 businesses like yours saved 50% or more on their phone bill. Click here to watch.