A letter about Cloud Computing and your business

YuvalFrom The Desk Of: Yuval Goren
President, Kobargo Technology Partners

RE: Why We Created This Cloud Report And Who Should Read It

Dear Colleague,

Undoubtedly you’ve heard all the commotion around cloud computing and how it’s the “next big thing.” Yet, despite all the hype, no one really seems to understand what cloud computing is or how it can help your business.

That’s why we wanted to set the record straight and provide business owners and executives with a simple, easy-to-read report that would explain what cloud computing is, how it can (possibly) help their business and, if so, what you need to know in order to make good decisions about which vendor you choose.

Why “possibly”? Because cloud computing is NOT a good fit for every company; and if you don’t get all the facts or fully understand the pros and cons, you can end up making some VERY poor and expensive decisions that you’ll deeply regret later.

That said, for some clients, cloud can actually lower their IT costs by up to 25%, greatly improve the ability for remote workers to connect and work, simplify their entire IT infrastructure and genuinely solve a number of technology problems they’ve been trying to work around for years.

So which are you? By the end of this report you’ll know, or at least have a much better understanding. Of course, we are always available as a resource for a second opinion or quick question, so please feel free to contact my office directly if we can clarify any points made in this report or answer any questions you may have.

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Dedicated to serving you,

Yuval Goren