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How do you know what technologies are available, which ones are right for your business, and how to deploy them? The constant challenge of managing the demands of growing companies while coping with the unrelenting evolution of IT dogs nearly every business leader. An angel whispering in your ear would be nice, no? One who understands the unique needs of your company.

The master strategists at Kobargo Technology Partners are not angels, we admit, but they have proven track records of integrity and excellence. They’re honest, meticulous, and know how to leverage the very best of what’s out there to create customized solutions which allow clients to literally forget about IT, so they can focus on building their businesses. Let us assist you with your virtualization and storage strategy and help you build a solid foundation for your network so your business can grow.

With Kobargo's Technology Consulting Services, all projects are fixed fee and based on a Scope of Work (SOW). Whether we are deploying virtualized servers and a storage network, or migrating you to a on-premise or hosted VOIP,  or building out your data center technologies, we employee a 5 phased approach to ensure a successful implementation.

1. Information Gathering/SOW - In this phase we review your requirements, objectives and goals, your existing technology and the resources required for a successful project delivery. We use this information to create a Scope of Work that guides the rest of the project implementation from start to finish.

2. Design - Once we have reviewed phase 1 information, our team of engineers design the solution, create documentation and a project plan. We then meet with you to review the final design, confirm the solution is what you expect and obtain your approval.

3. Implement & Project Management - Based on the design and technologies being deployed, we assign the resources with the appropriate skill sets. Every implementation gets a project plan and a project manager that provides oversight and ensures each phase of the project is completed successfully before moving on. You get regular updates on the project phase and expected completion dates.

4. Validate & Turn Up - Once the project has been technically implemented we move on to the validation phase, ensuring that the solution is operational and stable (some people call it a burn in period) before going live in your production environment. Going live, or turning up the solution, is the final phase of the implementation.

5. Manage & Support - Of course that is not the end of our involvement. Whether you have an in-house team to manage the solution or you prefer that we manage and maintain it for you, we are there to provide day one support and continue to support the solution as long as required.

For more information on our project implementation services please call (855) 562-2740 or email


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