Cybersecurity Awareness Month: SMB Edition

During the month of October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds us of a category of crime that continues to inflict taxpayers and companies with damages amounting to billions of dollars annually. Staying updated on the latest attack...

Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 10-21-2019

 Last week, phishing attacks expose protected health information, hackers hijack a shoe company’s email list, patients are upset about healthcare data breaches, and Twitter comes under fire for data misuse.


United States - UAB Medicine

Exploit: Phishing attack
UAB Medicine: Academic medical...


Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 10-14-2019

 Last week, hackers make a sport of exploiting online gamers' data, unauthorized database breach affect software firm, and business leaders lament today’s data landscape.

United States - Zynga 

Exploit: Unauthorized database access
Zynga: Social...


Social Media: How to Secure Your Accounts

Did you know that half of all cybersecurity attacks target small businesses? With nearly three billion social media users worldwide, your social media profile is the perfect doorway for hackers who want to access your private information. Most of us assume that cybercriminals only target the “big...