Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 11-11-2019

Last week, a third party compromises user data, hackers attack digital points of sale, and SMBs struggle to hire top cybersecurity talent.

United States -

Exploit: Unauthorized database access Domain name registration...


Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 11-04-2019

Last week, ransomware takes business infrastructure offline, spear-phishing campaign costs local government thousands, and executives continue to ignore spooky cybersecurity risks.

United States - Billtrust 

Exploit: Ransomware attack
Billtrust: B2B billing service provider

Risk to...


Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 10-28-2019

 Last week, ransomware will cost companies critical revenue, repeat offenders put customer loyalty at risk, and businesses fail to account for the risks of compromised employee credentials.


United States - Alphabroder

Exploit: Ransomware attack
Alphabroder: Promotional product supplier

Risk to Small Business: More

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: SMB Edition

During the month of October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds us of a category of crime that continues to inflict taxpayers and companies with damages amounting to billions of dollars annually. Staying updated on the latest attack...