“This not-for-profit organization had reached a point where it was clear our long-standing, single IT resource could no longer support our technical requirements nor those of our members, and had notified us of his impending retirement. A personal friend and business associate had recently retained Kobargo Technology Partners for services and he referred them to me. I reached out to them, and all of us here are so glad I did. They were extremely responsive and immediately went into action. Members of Kobargo’s Senior Engineering team came to our site to assess our current environment and meet with all key stakeholders to present their strategic plan. That was eight months ago! To this day, we continue to rely heavily on them to provide the technology services our not-for-profit organization requires for member support and long-term growth. What’s more, Kobargo Technology Partners provides us access to an entire team of highly-skilled technical resources and strategic consultants, at a fraction of the cost of just a few similarly-skilled in-house staff – which makes our board members happy! Kobargo is a wonderful resource - the team is intuitive, attentive, patient and extremely reliable. Never once have I sent an email that hasn’t been responded to almost immediately.”
Erminia Claudio Executive Director of Operations, Council of School Supervisors and Administrators
“As a trusted partner, Kobargo supports and manages our Cisco VOIP CCM and our Cisco network infrastructure. Kobargo takes 100% responsibility for the management of these systems and we trust them to ensure smooth operations of these critical devices. Kobargo also provides support services to our store network and they are the go to people for third level support. The support teams are easy to deal with and always quick to respond. We really see them as an extension of our internal team.”
Russell Galbraith Head of IT Infrastructure, De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd
“For us it was a matter of client service. Technology plays a critical role in delivering solutions to our employees that serve our clients.  These tools can be called upon “24x7” so we required an “always there”, skilled partner, to help address diverse technology challenges that can surface in diverse locations and mediums.  Partnering with Kobargo to manage critical network appliances and integrated services has more than met this challenge, and a perfect choice. Great job guys and thanks."
Michael Totoro CIO, Strategas Research Partners
“Kobargo’s cloud backup is second to none. The portal is simple and easy to use but if I’m in a pinch and need help with restores the support team is always there to assist. I especially like the VMware backup option that allows us to backup all our images quickly and provides us with an additional layer of redundancy for our critical services.”
Safar Mohammed Sr. Systems Engineer, Bonds.com
“We are very pleased with everything Kobargo delivered! We brought on Kobargo to consult us on our server/user environment. They provided us with recommendations and accurate estimates. Kobargo set us up with a complete VM and Cloud network, helped implement Office 365. Kobargo's staff are sharp, professional, THOROUGH and good people. I hold the utmost confidence in their capability."
Larisa Mikhaylov VP of Information Technology, BCI Brands
“KOBARGO provides De Beers Diamond Jewellers not only with IT resources... they are our US IT department. From day to day administration and user support through strategic development of our expanding environment, I've always felt that Kobargo's leadership keeps in touch with what's happening on the ground. They proactively understand our developing needs and offer solutions to help us do a better job - quite refreshing in a world where usually there are more questions than answers.”
Eugene Hill Head of Organisation, IT and Systems, De Beers Diamond Jewellers

“From top to bottom, KOBARGO's staff is professional, discreet, reliable and always available. They know the technology inside and out. We turned our global and local network operations over to them with 100% confidence because they understand our business requirements. KOBARGO significantly improved the performance and reliability of our networks while substantially reducing operating costs. In a nutshell, these guys 'get it'.”

Ed Eskew CIO, Chaus Inc.
“KOBARGO Technology Partners has been providing Geneva Consulting Group with reliable and responsive user support for our expanding environment for several years. They keep us up-to-date with quickly changing technology and provide cost-effective solutions for both day-to-day problems and long-term growth opportunities. They are very knowledgeable and quickly react in a very professional manner when we have a critical operational problem. In short, we would highly recommend them as an effective business partner.”
Tom Torrillo CFO, Geneva Consulting Group, Inc.