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Upgrade Windows 7 in 2020

With the impending Windows 7 end of life on January 14, 2020, businesses are taking advantage of moving to a modern desktop such as Windows 10 or a cloud-based solution. Either approach takes time to evaluate and make an enterprise-wide upgrade. At Kobargo Technology Partners, our experts are here to provide

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Holiday Greetings From Your Friends at Kobargo

We’ve had another amazing year here at Kobargo Technology Partners and we want to share the joy. You helped us all live up to our guiding principles once again in 2019, so thank you! This year we were able to: Focus our contributions toward a greater good Help our peers

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IT Services – Old vs New

Kobargo gives you comprehensive reports every month and quarter to show work performed, identify issues, and support optimized IT budgeting.

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Worry-Free Computing

Managed services refer to IT services delivered in a defined manner with a predictable expense. Typically, managed services are delivered with a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system that allows an IT solution provider to monitor the health and performance of customer IT assets 24/7. RMM means that we can perform proactive maintenance efficiently to stabilize your IT, and respond with rapid remote remediation when things go wrong.

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Headed for the CLOUD

The cloud is changing the way businesses use technology. The next step in the computing evolution, the cloud provides resources—like software applications, servers, and storage—from a provider’s network and hardware. No longer do users need to purchase, manage, and maintain equipment! Constraints of space, time, power, and cost are permanently

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