Cyber Security Starter’s Guide

What is it? Cyber security is the implementation and process of protecting your business from unauthorized access to its computers, networks, applications and data.

Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses needing to secure their networks and data.

  • Create, publish, disseminate and verbally communicate acceptable usage policies to all employees for social media, email, texting and browsing.
  • Continually educate and discuss security with your employees and how data breaches occur, especially social engineering hacks ( and Phishing scams ( ).
  • Do not allow employees to use consumer (free) file sharing tools for distributing corporate data.
  • Require complex passwords that must be changed regularly (no sticky notes with IDs and passwords on their desk or monitor). Encourage the use of a password retention tool (Roboform).
  • Make sure you’ve got good backups in place (use the cloud for encrypted off site backups).
  • Use firewalls, SPAM, virus and internet content filters.
  • Keep your servers and desktops patched with the latest security updates.
  • Use the latest versions of Internet browsers.
  • Protect your data on mobile devices with remote wipe capabilities.
  • Require authentication to access any devices and lock them when you are away.
  • When dealing with customer sensitive information consider acquiring cyber security insurance.
  • Select a trusted IT partner with appropriate security experience.

By simply adopting a few best practices, and with a little planning the above tips can go a long way towards preventing IT security breaches, and a whole lot of headaches.  At Kobargo Technology Partners, we take the security of your network very seriously and hope you do too. But together, cyber security will never be a serious issue for your business.

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