“This not-for-profit organization had reached a point where it was clear our long-standing, single IT resource could no longer support our technical requirements nor those of our members, and had notified us of his impending retirement. A personal friend and business associate had recently retained Kobargo Technology Partners for services and he referred them to me. I reached out to them, and all of us here are so glad I did. They were extremely responsive and immediately went into action. Members of Kobargo’s Senior Engineering team came to our site to assess our current environment and meet with all key stakeholders to present their strategic plan. That was eight months ago! To this day, we continue to rely heavily on them to provide the technology services our not-for-profit organization requires for member support and long-term growth. What’s more, Kobargo Technology Partners provides us access to an entire team of highly-skilled technical resources and strategic consultants, at a fraction of the cost of just a few similarly-skilled in-house staff – which makes our board members happy! Kobargo is a wonderful resource – the team is intuitive, attentive, patient and extremely reliable. Never once have I sent an email that hasn’t been responded to almost immediately.”