Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Time is Money…Or Not!

With traditional telephone lines, Packet Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), customers pay for every minute telephones are used. International calls are particularly expensive. VoIP delivers voice and other communications including faxes, texts and videos using Internet Protocol (IP) networks, the same networks currently providing your internet service. Monthly costs are fixed. Call Bulgaria or Nepal. Video-conference with three people, each in different location. Stay on the line for three hours. Do this every day. Twice. Your bill will not go up. And you bypass taxes to boot!

Reduce Infrastructure, Expand Capability

With VoIP, voice and data travel on the same network, so only one wiring system is required. Goodbye telephone cables. Goodbye to the hassles involving the physical move of employees. Changing desks doesn’t require reconfiguring or rewiring. Adapt and change, add or subtract – it’s all easy, seamless, as simple as entering a password. Don’t even call IT.

Remote, In Every Sense of the Word, Is No Problem

You can use your work phone from home, from a car or from Siberia. You can also work on a tablet, a cellphone or PC. Telecommuters pack a phone or headset, sign in, and use their numbers from anywhere there’s a broadband connection.

Putting It All Together

VoIP, run on a server, routed through the same network as data, can be integrated with other applications, like email or voicemail, and/or web enabled. As more and more industries adopt IP-based communications systems, VoIP features and functionality will expand and develop. New applications are popping up constantly. The future of telephony is leaving PSTN in the dust.
Check out more info on hosted VOIP solutions here.
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