Managed Service Provider

For small to medium sized businesses, an obvious benefit of utilizing MSPs is a slashed payroll. But using an MSP has perhaps even greater benefits, which effect even more capital savings. Costs to diagnose and repair malfunctioning technology can only be outdone by the cost of downtime itself. Employees can’t do their jobs, and customers can’t reach you – can you smell the money burning?
Outsourcing IT, particularly in today’s economic climate and ever-evolving technology landscape, makes sense. Instead of the unpredictable “break/fix” model, which characterizes most in-house IT departments, a good MSP is proactive, providing upgrades, patches, and maintenance on a regular basis, ensuring that outages don’t occur, and incurring the risks and costs associated with IT malfunction. Why pay for full time security or infrastructure expertise when you only need it on rare occasions? MSPs provide all the skill sets necessary to support your network at a significant cost savings to you.
Transitioning to an MSP is a necessary step in the evolution of most companies. When businesses need increased uptime, and the ability to predict costs, an MSP with a monthly fee is far superior to other models, and ultimately less expensive.
Every industry has its own unique issues. When considering an MSP, it’s crucial for you to seek professionals who have a talent for strategy, and who are committed to finding the best customized solution for clients rather than employing the same answer for everyone. You need to find a provider with a proven track record with both the expertise and the patience to answer all your questions.
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Kobargo Technology Partners can help you transition to an MSP easily and painlessly. Call us at (855) 562-2740 or email for specifics.



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