Headed for the CLOUD

The cloud is changing the way businesses use technology. The next step in the computing evolution, the cloud provides resources—like software applications, servers, and storage—from a provider’s network and hardware. No longer do users need to purchase, manage, and maintain equipment! Constraints of space, time, power, and cost are permanently eliminated by cloud computing, which allows users to access resources remotely, on a pay-per-use basis. Run apps from home, office, or the local coffee shop. Say goodbye to sinking money and time into expensive hardware. Furthermore, since most cloud-based solutions leverage virtualized infrastructure resources can be amped up or down based on usage. Scalable resources mean users often spend dramatically less, and always know exactly what they’re spending. Business Continuity, and specifically Disaster Recovery strategies, thrive in the cloud. Rent datacenter space and infrastructure to setup a duplicate of your network that is available during outages and failures.
What’s the catch? Not much. There are many pros and few cons here. Sensitive information needs extra protection. Also, if you’ve already spent big dollars on in-house systems, you might want to wait for your equipment to depreciate and hardware maintenance to expire before moving to the cloud.
The cloud is probably right for your business if…

  • you share data with remote or traveling employees or with independent contractors, or clients.
  • your hardware is outdated or you have or need customized software applications
  • your business is seasonal, or subject to spikes in activity and then lulls
  • backup and recovery are concerns
  • your company needs to reduce technology expenses or find adaptable solutions
  • your company needs a scalable business continuity solution

Let Kobargo help you and your business transition to the cloud.



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