Why Managed Services?

With the increase in IT Managed Service providers in the market using better management tools, and new technology offerings and challenges (Cloud, BDR, Big Data, BYOD, etc) confronting the SMB market, outsourcing is quickly becoming an attractive alternative to hiring and managing in-house staff. Even large, technically capable, businesses are adopting a hybrid approach to staffing and outsourcing key technology support services, allowing their staff to focus on key initiatives while outsourcing the more mundane tasks that require 24×7 attention. Why depend on one person to not only support your company’s IT resources and users but also provide best practices, budgeting, strategic consulting and relevant IT business experience?


For smaller companies IT strategy and budgeting does not require a full time leadership role but these are essential initiatives that allow businesses to align IT with their overall objectives and goals as they grow. Outsourcing lets businesses take advantage of all the resources their IT provider has at their disposal, from staffing all skill sets (help desk through Level 2) to project management expertise and relationships with key IT vendors. Vacation days and personal time off does not mean you have to go without IT support, and much of the help desk support required can be provided remotely without waiting for a desk side visit.


Key to a successful outsourcing experience for any SMB is finding the right MSP, and more importantly, providing IT leadership in-house. This does not necessarily need to be a technical point of contact (although that doesn’t hurt), but rather a person that can help to prioritize tasks and navigate the waters of the company’s human resource landscape. Getting to know the people and the type of support they require is paramount to a successful engagement for any MSP and their client. Outsourcing IT allows companies to focus on their core competencies, while leaving the burden of managing IT to experienced providers with a range of technology skill sets that meets any challenge.



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