Hosted Cloud Server Starter's Guide

What is it? Hosted Cloud Server is a server operating system and application running on a server in a data center.
Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses looking to leverage the cloud to reduce capital costs and on premise equipment.

  1. CONSERVES CAPITAL and CASH by eliminating the need for expensive equipment purchases.
  2. ELIMINATES THE HEADACHE of managing gear and facilities, but with all the flexibility of your own data center.
  3. CONTROLS YOUR IT BUDGET with a “pay as you go” model for the resources and services your organization needs. Flat rate pricing is month-to-month with no term, which adds predictability to your budget.
  4. REDUCES OPERATING EXPENSE by allowing your in-house staff to concentrate on their core competencies without the need to hire specialized skill sets.
  5. REDUCES RISK OF NETWORK FAILURE by locating your critical applications and servers in a redundant and highly available data center.
  6. BOOSTS RESPONSIVENESS by allowing you to “spin up” servers or add additional computing and storage resources in minutes, not weeks or months.
  7. LEVERAGES THE BEST IN TECHNOLOGY by using the latest virtualization technologies to maximize hardware resources and deliver consistent performance to your desktop.
  8. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS to your data and applications. All you need is an Internet connection to get a familiar desktop and apps using a variety of devices (iPad, tablet, laptop, desktop, even phone).

Cloud technologies deliver on the promise of reliable solutions at a predictable cost. At Kobargo Technology Partners we believe with the right information, the right partner and effective planning customers can leverage technology to help grow their business. Call us today to become more tech savvy and move your business in the right direction.



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