Make Sure Your Cybersecurity is Tight With Kobargo

Make Sure Your Cybersecurity is Tight With Kobargo. The old adage tells us there are two things in life which are inevitable: death and taxes. 

In today’s digital environment, we should add a third item to that list of things we can’t avoid: cyberattacks.
While you might think they are a relatively new phenomenon, cyberattacks have been around for some time. Starting with the 2000 cyberattack by a notorious 15-year-old hacker known as “Mafiaboy” that hit Amazon, CNN and eBay, to the 2009 hit that Google took on its intellectual property by Chinese hackers, nefarious types with mad computer skills and evil intentions have never lacked for new victims. More recent attacks like 2016’s data breach that affected the accounts of two-billion Yahoo users and last month’s attack on airlines like Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Air Canada and Delta show us that we could all be potential victims.
So, how can you avoid becoming a casualty of the inevitable next attack on a retailer, financial institution or social media site? It begins with admitting you are vulnerable. Something as seemingly innocuous as a co-worker clicking on a link in an email can lead to a loss that could cripple your company financially, or lead to embarrassing revelations from which you might never recover. You should partner with a skilled, industry-leading IT firm like Kobargo Technology Partners. Our cybersecurity team delivers a superior threat defense design, using industry-leading security partners and technologies. We appropriately design and size affordably-priced solutions for small and mid-sized company budgets, including low total cost of ownership. Learn more about Kobargo’s cybersecurity services here.
Kobargo looks for gaps in visibility and coverage, realizing that as companies use remote employees and branch offices more and more, they increase their vulnerability to external threats. We also clean up messes left behind after untrained, in-house tech teams don’t deal with the after-effects of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks, or their knowledge can’t prevent such intrusions in the first place. We also understand that existing security solutions are often difficult to manage, don’t scale well, aren’t reliable, or won’t integrate with other products.
Look to us to strengthen your defenses at all layers of your network with detection, visibility and intelligence. Kobargo assesses, designs, implements and manages a security solution engineered to protect your business from internal and external threats.
At Kobargo Technology Partners, we know how to implement, manage and support best-of-breed security solutions to deliver effective defenses spanning your network. Our advanced threat protection, quick detection and dynamic containment blocks attacks from the DNS layer to the endpoint, through the web and email.
Don’t assume your network security is safe. Know it’s secure – contact us today to schedule an assessment.



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