Cybersecurity Checklist for the New Year

Whether you’re running a mom-and-pop shop or a multi-billion multinational business, every organization needs to be acutely aware of their cybersecurity needs.

No matter your size, you rely on technology for many reasons: to increase productivity, hold onto and expand market share, comply with regulations and measure and strengthen customer loyalty. No matter why it’s in place, knowing your cybersecurity infrastructure and protecting it from threats (both external and internal) is of increasingly vital importance to your organization. As the new year begins, now is an opportune time to assess your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses.
Know the potential risks and their impact. This can be a tough one, as you are likely to discover vulnerabilities that you never considered. You should be able to answer vital questions, such as these:

  • How could a cyberattack affect the functions of your company, such as its reputation and relationships with customers and vendors?
  • What trade secrets, customer data, or other information is critical to your organization’s operation and would be negatively impacted by a cyberattack?
  • How was the risk assessment performed and what did it cover? What was not analyzed for risk?
  • What steps can your organization take to deliver a long-term resilient IT infrastructure?
  • Does your company have any current or potential information-sharing practices that could make you vulnerable to cyberattacks?
  • How many of your organization’s departments and their resources are protected by your current security infrastructure?
  • How thorough are your business recovery and incident response plans?
  • How much is your organization willing to pay for cybersecurity and what are your financial liabilities should an attack occur?

There are several ways a cyberattack can be carried out, and they’re not all attributed to bad actors outside your company. While outside attackers can steal confidential data and/or use your IT resources once they’ve infiltrated your infrastructure or your cloud services, there are also internal attacks, some malicious and some attributable to negligence.

It’s worth the cost to conduct an in-depth, comprehensive check of your IT infrastructure.
With a new year comes new challenges, some of which had never crossed your radar. Kobargo Technology Partners has the expertise to conduct a thorough examination of your cybersecurity infrastructure and policies and make sure your organization is up-to-speed with the latest policies and best practices. Remember, 2019 is a new year for the bad guys, as well. Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your system’s security and stay one step ahead of the latest in cybersecurity.



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