4 Ways VOIP Will Increase Car Sales And Lower Costs

Today more than ever, dealerships are under a lot of pressure to provide a better customer service experience. Because social media is such a huge part of that and a main source for customers to vent, dealers must also be very careful of how they communicate. Customer reviews can essentially make or break a business.  That’s why it’s important to be cognizant of the experience we are providing. Although we are not able to control every aspect of how our customers choose to interact with us, we can, however, control the tools and services we provide to communicate which essentially determines the experience.

For example, our telecommunications solution.

Finding the right solution can be complex. You must decide on a carrier, the appropriate connectivity for your data and voice networks, and the best design for your dealership. It all needs to integrate seamlessly with your CRM to make it easy for your sales team to access data during calls and overall save your dealership on overhead costs.

The best solution should not only help you manage the flow of information, it should also improve your sales productivity, enhance customer service, improve communication throughout your store and essentially lower costs. In addition, you will be able to manage multiple locations without any hassles. A VOIP phone system provides all of this, making it the best option with the most benefits for an automotive dealership. Below we will discuss four ways VOIP will benefit your dealership.

  1. Conversion. Make no mistake, calls convert to sales by tracking inquiries and then, of course, following up with prospects. It’s very important to have a functional and reliable system in order to implement this process.
  2. Managing calls. High call volumes can easily lead to missed opportunities and a bad customer experience, if not managed correctly. Features such as messaging, on hold, call routing and hold music truly improve the experience and make it easy to manage.
  3. Enhanced communication. Strong communication skills go a long way and can make all the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Whether it’s answering inquiries or sending reminders, using the correct phone system can help deliver exceptional service and boost your bottom line.
  4. Lower monthly phone bills. You can reduce your monthly phone bills and cut operation costs because all calls are routed via an Internet connection rather than a traditional phone line. You will no longer be charged for usage during peak hours and you’ll no longer require separate cabling for traditional telephone systems, which also cuts down on equipment costs.

The Automotive industry is a highly competitive and customer-centric market. One lost call can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. One unhappy customer can lead to bad reviews and destroy your reputation, so maintaining quality communications is essential. 

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