Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 04-22-19

Data Breach, Cyber Alert

Last week, phishing scams targeted US government and healthcare employees, and 60,000 digital fingerprints found their way to the Dark Web.

BBH: Mental health service provider’s South Carolina network
Exploit: Ransomware attack
Risk to Small Business: 1.777 = Severe: After local police detected a ransomware infection, the city was forced to shut down most of its servers. While police and fire facilities remain unaffected, other services, including payments to city agencies, are significantly restricted. Consequently, city officials recommend making cash payments until the network can be restored. The city expects servers to be offline for several days as they work to determine the next steps towards rectifying the situation.
Individual Risk: 2.571= Severe: According to the city’s communications manager, Brock Letchworth, the city does not believe that the incident compromised personal information.
Customers Impacted: To be determined.
How it Could Affect Your Business:  This episode is a reminder of the fragility within local infrastructure. Although critical safety operations remain unaffected, city employees are unable to continue business as usual, and new solutions are not immediately apparent. Most importantly, it’s essential to know if data is stolen and to understand what thieves intend to do with that information.
Minnesota Department of Human Services: Minnesota state agency
Exploit: Phishing scam
Risk to Small Business: 2= Severe: In March 2018, a bad actor logged into a state agency email account and sent emails seeking personal information and invoice payments via wire transfer. The breach was detected when an agency employee received the email and flagged it as suspicious. The breach was just disclosed this week, and department officials believe that hackers gained access to the personal information of 11,000 users.
Individual Risk: 2.285 = Severe: Although the agency contends that personal information has not been misused, the perpetrator certainly had access to the data of thousands of people. Because the breach impacted the agency’s Direct Care and Treatment division, the data stolen includes treatment information and other sensitive health files.
Customers Impacted: 11,000
How it Could Affect Your Business: This most recent incident is the department’s third breach in just over a year, something that can have broad implications for data security and patient trust. The employee who received the malicious email responded appropriately, but these scams are preventable through security training and education.
A Note From Kobargo:
Coming soon – Cybersecurity for 5G
As you might imagine, many industries are gearing up to harness the widely anticipated development of 5G. Although there is much to gain, including better speeds and more consistency, we must also prepare for 5G to usher in its own showcase of security threats.
One of the immediate concerns that rises to the top is how 5G will transform data collection and protection. With fast-moving and highly customized web traffic, new technologies such as IoT devices will be enabled, creating an unmet need in security statistics and metrics.
High-level cyber-security strategies must adapt to meet these needs, but one maxim still holds true. Hackers will continue to expose the gaps within the infrastructures of small businesses or enterprises, but Kobargo Technology Partners will prepare you with the tools to fight back.
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