Artificial Leaf Technology Powering Your Business?

Is your business utilizing technology such as an artificial leaf to reduce or eliminate its carbon footprint?  Could plants generate enough electricity to run your business?  The future is telling us it can, with evolving energy conversion ideas being implemented into today’s new technology.  Mother nature does not disappoint, inspiring experiments have revealed one artificial leaf is 10 times more effective at converting CO2 than a real living plant leaf.  Past artificial leaf designs were made to draw carbon dioxide from other dilute sources like air and flue gas, which come from coal-burning power plants.  To make this incredible idea make way into the real world, we need these leaves to convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen.  New designs have emerged that integrate an artificial membrane inside the leaf that allows water to evaporate when exposed to sunlight, which is the answer we have been looking for.  The technology must imitate the natural process of a real leaf, so we can reduce greenhouse gases significantly, especially for our businesses.

Artificial Leaf Design
A Breakthrough in Technology; The Artificial Leaf

Behind this technological advancement is a very pressing question, how can we use artificial leaves to power the world and eliminate harmful pollution coming from our residential and commercial buildings?  Researchers have called the ability of the artificial leaf, “impressive”, from the outstanding results that one tree of 360 leaves would generate about a half-ton of carbon monoxide.  Imagine these trees spread over a 500-square meter area, you are looking at carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere decreasing by 10 percent!  All because this photosynthetic unit is converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen.  As much as our businesses are taking matters in their own hands when protecting their customer’s and brand’s reputation, they can now protect the environment while they’re at it with this amazing invention of artificial leaves.  Something positive to look forward to in the future!
Here, at Kobargo Technology Partners, we hope to inspire other business owners to keep up with today’s technology advancements, and to also never forget the importance of preparing your business for the future.  Make sure your company isn’t left behind in the age of technology and data security,  we will help optimize your IT infrastructure and provide outstanding system security to prevent Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks.  Contact us today for a free consultation!



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