5 Benefits of Dedicated IT Support Resource

Only about four percent of business budgets are spent on IT services. 

If you’re dealing with an overworked technology department or struggling to fulfill your IT staffing needs, you’re definitely not alone. 

The need for technical support is growing and will continue to, as the way we work and live becomes even more digital. Hiring an IT professional to work as a technology generalist doesn’t cut it anymore.

Recruiting a high-quality team, cybersecurity companies, a telecom company,  or different vendors can be challenging. Not only when it comes to budgeting, but when it comes to the ability to interview, hire, and manage an IT team. 

Many small businesses are outsourcing to fulfill their technology needs. But is it really worth it? Here are the five key benefits of hiring a dedicates IT support service. 

Making the Most of IT Budgets 

IT professionals don’t come cheap. Businesses with limited budgets will find it difficult to hire and retain quality IT staff. A smaller company without a specialized IT recruiter will be challenged when trying to vet the right IT candidates. The cost of hardware, software, and other essential tools for technology departments can be an expensive investment for businesses. It’s especially challenging for smaller businesses to keep up with the constantly evolving nature of IT solutions. An IT service provider will know what skills to look for in employees, and they’ll understand the core competencies for the job. Outsourcing to IT consulting firms also means that you’ll have a team of support. In the event that a problem goes beyond an IT staff member’s know-how, they’ll have a team of other experts available at hand to help.

Increased Business Productivity 

A common problem in technology departments is that roles and responsibilities often start blending together. Managers and directors who aren’t schooled in IT and are working with limited resources will tack on tedious support tasks to the responsibilities of analysts, architects, and even developers. Over time, responsibilities mountain and lead to unhappy, stressed-out employees who feel like their worth isn’t recognized. Support tasks also take away from the primary responsibilities of IT employees. Outsourcing appropriately delegates workloads, and ensures overworking employees doesn’t happen. 

Support Anytime, Anywhere Through Telecommunication

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing IT services is having on-demand services available when your team needs them. Some companies only need nine to five availability from their IT team. But some businesses need around-the-clock telecom availability that can simply be too much to manage in-house. For example, port logistics and management, hospitals and even some e-commerce platforms need to have a delegated staff available to work after hours. Outsourcing can provide telecom consulting that matches the needs of your business.

Get Improved Security with a Cyber Security Consultant

Did you know that half of all cybersecurity attacks target small businesses?  Many smaller businesses make the mistake of thinking that cybersecurity is more of a concern for “the big guys,” when they are actually more at risk. This is because hackers know that Fortune 500 companies have the infrastructure and support to create stronger defense lines. It’s rare for small businesses to have a designated cybersecurity analyst or cybersecurity engineer on staff. But as cyber warfare becomes more sophisticated, it’s becoming increasingly important to have designated experts. An outsourcing company has cybersecurity experts on hand, that can regularly audit your business and assist in the event of a crisis. 

As a small business, you will likely reach a point where you want to improve or expand your products and services. Regardless of the industry you’re in, you’ll likely turn to technological advancement to better serve your customers. You might consider creating new app development software or updating your current software to improve customer experience. While the need and excitement for these solutions can be strong, these types of projects can end-up on the backburner for businesses who don’t have the staff to support their execution. Choosing a vendor can be time-consuming, and a project manager without an IT background might not know how to vet app development companies. Not to mention that new software and app development cost is high. 

Turning New Technology Products and App Development Software 

Unless you can afford a full-service, high-quality in-house team, outsourcing is the best way to stay on top of technological advancements and news. A designated IT team is the only way to ensure that your software is regularly maintained and that you have access to the right people with the right skillsets when you need them. 

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