Breach Protection Starts with 2-Factor Authentication

Protection Against Data Breaches with 2-Factor Authentication

Have you been asked recently by a website or social media platform to verify your identity on an entirely separate device, before signing in? In a time where almost every device we own is hackable, and our privacy is compromised daily, two-factor authentication is becoming a huge necessity in protecting our information. 
Interestingly, a large portion of people are all in for the added security, not everyone is on board with an extra step needed to log in. Here’s a look at 2-factor authentication, how it’s catching on, and its future in our industry.

What Exactly is 2-Factor Authentication?

According to Square Up, the process of 2-factor authentication requires authentication of two different variables of identification, thus proving your ownership. How is this done? Unlike typical login processes, where you’ll usually be asked to enter your username and password to gain access, you’ll be asked to complete another step. In most cases you’ll enter a phone number and receive a one-time code, on a separate device, to enter into the site. The goal of this? To make it that much harder for cybercriminals to advance beyond initial attempts. 

Why is 2-Factor Authentication Important?

By now, hackers have learned it all and it’s common, unfortunately, for hackers to be able to make it past the first step: the password. While regularly updating your passwords are crucial, it’s not always foolproof. According to Forbes, hackers can force their way into peoples’ accounts simply by trying out commonly known passwords, or even words straight from the dictionary. Not to mention, a 5-second search of your name online can produce everything they need, from anniversary dates and birthdays to the name of your beloved pet, to guess your password! 
2-Factor Authentication is also essential in defending against malware. Because even if you have a unique password you believe can’t be figured out, viruses can gain access to information without a hitch.
Kobargo strongly recommends that businesses implement two-factor authentication for access to applications and network resources to ensure the security of their data, and their client’s information.

Our Partnership with Duo

Here, security is at the forefront of everything that we do and every service we provide. Our goal is to deliver superior defense against threats, using industry-leading partners and technologies; and in 2019 we partnered with Duo Security, now part of Cisco, to create an even higher level of security for clients. 
To protect your sensitive data, Duo provides secure access to all of your applications – for any user, from any of your devices, from anywhere. And these extra levels of credential verification can be the difference between a hacked bank account and a thwarted attempt. 
We can be your go-to, reliable IT provider and provide customized solutions designed for your company. Contact us today to partner with us!



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