Cloud Focused Architecture Allows for a Mobile Workforce with Kobargo

Building A Future Network

Kobargo just finished designing a wireless first network design and cloud focused architecture for a global media company across five floors in NYC. This is timely because during the COVID-19 pandemic the ability to connect remotely and get access to company data has been a challenge.
This is the network of the future and will be embraced by other companies as well as they move toward a more mobile and collaborative workforce. Leasing office space with data cabling restricts movement and really limits any type of social distancing. Open flex space coupled with cloud applications and data allows staff to work from anywhere in the office or out.

Significance of Wireless and Cloud Focused Designs

Additional benefits of a wireless and cloud first architecture designs could include significant cost savings by virtue of a reduction in data cabling; real estate allocated to servers, storage and other equipment; cooling requirements in server closets, specifically expensive dedicated AC units; and less power back up units. Of course, this also reduces operating expenses as well.

Getting to the Cloud

Cloud Design and Implementation

Getting to the cloud may seem like a daunting task but planning and executing a “lift and shift” strategy does not have to be complicated or risky. Getting data off premise and making it available to users located in one local office, or multiple regional offices or even globally allows organizations and their staff to easily collaborate and stay productive. Partnering with an established cloud provider and leveraging an experienced service provider to assist in implementing your cloud strategy will save countless hours of effort, configuration errors and security risks. Today’s cloud is even more secure than having your corporate data sitting in an unsecured closet in your office building.

The Cost of Moving to the Cloud

We mentioned some potential cost savings that wireless and cloud first networks can realize but there is no guarantee that moving your data and workloads to the cloud will save your organization money.  And if moving to a new location is not in your plans, you probably have already invested in cabling. For some companies there are advantages of moving costs from capital expense to operating expense budgets but take into consideration the additional cost savings of eliminating server and storage hardware and software refreshes and the human resources they require, not to mention the loss of productivity when upgrades don’t go as planned and have to be rolled back. 

Timing Is Everything

If you are moving and building out new space for your company this may be the perfect opportunity to go wireless and save on cabling while creating a collaborative atmosphere with lots of space between team members, and the ability to move around and yet stay productive. But remember, you don’t have to move to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer.
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