Keep Your Cybersecurity Tight with Kobargo

With organizations relying on internet technology in their everyday operations, it is extremely important to protect confidential company information. Ensure your business is not vulnerable to an attack by hiring a skilled IT company that is effective and will stay on top of your defenses. At Kobargo Technology Partners, we specialize in cybersecurity and strategizing ways to protect your company from unwanted meddlers. 

Protection Against Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are a common form of cyberattack that businesses need to watch out for. This invasion is simply the activity of malicious software that you may not be aware of. Malware is fairly common and found in bundled free software programs, removable media, and file sharing sites.  Not having proper internet security in place can result in you having a run-in with an offensive and aggressive intrusion.

Secure Yourself From Hackers

Hacking has been a threat for businesses ever since we began integrating computers into our daily operations. As the Internet evolves, there will undoubtedly be more weak points created in computer systems. To counteract this, make sure not to share your essential account credentials with people outside of your organization.  Maintain a sense of security by implementing highly sophisticated programming to track the activities of employees. Kobargo’s safety software will help to ensure only authorized personnel have access to your system and keep you more secure.

Methodical Cybersecurity

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, the cost of cybercrimes has reached $2.7 billion in 2018 alone. As a premier security partner, we aim to strengthen your defenses in all areas of your network.  Through detection, visibility, and heightened cybersecurity intelligence, we secure your data and deploy solutions when problems are detected. The Kobargo team will implement fixes in your system that will protect your network from advanced threats with blocks starting from the DNS layer to the end (web and email). 

Provide Security Awareness for Employees

In today’s digital reliant world, employees are constantly exposed to phishing and ransomware attacks that put your company’s information in danger. That is why we believe knowledgeable employees are essential in one’s cybersecurity strategy. We provide security awareness training modules that help employees differentiate phishing and ransomware activity through simulated attacks to test their ability to identify and report malicious activity.
If you are interested in learning more about how our managed services can help battle malicious attacks to your network, contact us today! We can walk you through how we can strengthen your cybersecurity.



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