4 Tips to Keep Your Information Safe While Surfing Social Media

Social media is a wonderful tool that allows us to engage with family and friends with the click of a button. It also allows businesses to interact with current and prospective customers. It has become an integral part of modern lives. However, many people view social media with rose-colored glasses and forget how easy it is to put their information at risk from malicious activity. That is why we’re providing four tips to keep information safe on social media.

Limit The Personal Information You Put Out There

Whether it’s a business account or personal one, users should avoid sharing information that identifies themselves. For example, refrain from sharing personal details such as date of birth, schools attended, as well as the names of family members. If you’re a business, don’t share information about the internal workings of your business, as this can lead to hacking activity. This information is enough for most cyber thieves to break into personal and business accounts.

Unsecured Mobile Devices

The ability to access all of our accounts and websites through our smartphones is an amazing innovation that many people take for granted. For example, what happens if they lose it or if it gets stolen? A stranger will have instant access to most of their personal data. Mobile users must take precautions in safeguarding their phone by using a strong password, ensuring public Wi-Fi is protected, encrypting their device, and installing antivirus software. 

Beware of Malware

Social media is one of the biggest online platforms for malware. While most people believe malware hides within emails and download links, malware can hide in social media via URLs and ads. When the user clicks on a link, they may be exposing themselves to a cyber-attack. 

Home/Business Invasion

It’s natural to be excited about a vacation, but social media users who proclaim their getaway are practically telling people when they’re not home. This applies to businesses that are closed due to renovations or their own vacations. To prevent possible theft or burglary, users may want to refrain from sharing too many details about their time away until they’ve returned. Don’t allude to the fact that nobody is at home or in the office.

Surf The Web Safely With Kobargo

Social media connects people together and allows us to stay in touch with the world around us. While there are many things to look out for when interacting with social media, it should not discourage anyone from using it. At Kobargo, we can optimize your online security strategies through custom defense designs and advice to ensure you enjoy social media and the rest of the internet without risk. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!



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