Cloud-Based Voice and Video Calling with Microsoft Teams

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With the rapid movement to working from home, teams need to continue to collaborate more efficiently when not in the same room. Microsoft Teams 365 business voice system ensures that all team members are able to have connected solutions regardless of the device they are using. 

The flexibility that Microsoft Teams brings to remote working is a game changer for many businesses. Collaboration and connectivity offered across multiple devices enhances productivity and work experiences for businesses. At Kobargo Technology Partners, we integrate Microsoft Teams throughout our organization and help businesses maintain efficient and effective workspaces with these cloud-based solutions. Let’s discover more about what Microsoft Teams has to offer and how this collaborative workspace is a solution to your virtual working challenges.

So, What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a virtual meeting solution that is stored in the cloud, where it lets everyone work together, no matter where they are. Connect and create in brand new ways to be more productive and more unified. Microsoft teams is a hub for teamwork, it’s an app that will pull together a team by using chat instead of email. 

This collaborative workspace allows you and your team to:

  • Meet and chat for collaboration through audio or video calls
  • Screen share and securely edit files at the same time
  • Host up to 100 participants for 60 minutes with unlimited chat for basic plans
  • Securely sign-on with multi-factor authentication
  • FastTrack phone and web support around the clock

Microsoft Teams 365 Business Voice Solutions

No matter what industry your business is in, communication can be a challenge using legacy phone systems to try to stay connected. Integrating Microsoft Teams for voice services allows you to connect from any device. It’s like having a virtual office where people are working together in the same room while being remote. Quick and essential collaboration and having everything in one place means businesses can save money. Three key elements allow your team to stay productive, connect reliably, and manage centrally.

Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Any call can be started with screen sharing and video conference. Add colleagues to turn an idea into action with a group call. Teams across the globe moving to remote working environments can stay connected through Teams.

Connect Reliably, Backed by Microsoft 365

Calling on the go with Microsoft Teams is easy with a compatible calling plan. Start calls faster with clear audio to connect with your team anywhere in the world.

Manage Your Team Centrally

Maintain control of your teams through answering inbound calls and rerouting them to the right people through a cloud-based phone system. Set parameters to route calls by time zone, language, or availability. Voicemail messages are accessible for your teams anywhere from any device with cloud voicemail. Features include message transcriptions and audio conferencing.

Make The Smart Move with Cloud-based Voice Solutions

As a company or owner, you know that minutes matter for your customers. With Microsoft Teams, productivity is enhanced by using your mobile phone to access data and information to get the answer to the customer faster.

Utilize Kobargo for Managing IT and Cloud Services

Stay connected with your teams by bringing people together to stay in touch with the world around us. As a recognized leader for managed IT and unified cloud communications with Microsoft Teams, Kobargo helps put your teams at the highest position for profitability. 

At Kobargo, we can optimize your online security strategies through custom defense designs and advice to ensure you can collaborate and connect across multiple devices across the internet without risk. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!



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