What is IT Operations Management and How It Can Benefit You?

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As many people know, having a skilled IT team is essential in today’s business world. But, many don’t realize how these teams are able to monitor and supervise multiple components of an IT infrastructure. It’s called IT Operations Management (ITOM) and it’s helped many professionals provide first-class services. As one of Arizona’s top IT companies, we have firsthand experience in ITOM and how it benefits our clients. Read on to learn more.

What is IT Operations Management?

IT Operations Management (ITOM) involves technology infrastructure components and requirements of individual applications, services, storage, networking, and connectivity elements within an organization. In other words, IT Operation Management is responsible for the smooth functioning of infrastructure and operational environments that support application deployment to internal and external customers, including network infrastructure; server and device management; computer operations; IT infrastructure library management; and help desk services to an organization.

How IT Operations Management Benefits Clients

As mentioned above, by partnering with an IT team that utilizes ITOM, clients can benefit from greater device health and performance. Failing to monitor equipment and its performance can lead to device downtime, which can affect a business’s day-to-day operations. By enlisting an IT professional, business owners can be proactive in monitoring their equipment to ensure they don’t run into any performance issues.  

Another important task that ITOM prioritizes is monitoring network congestion. IT operations management presents a solution to help regulate network congestion that can lead to slow loading times, closed connections, and unresponsive applications. Customers expect instant access and it’s important that businesses provide that. With the help of a skilled IT team, this can be accomplished.

To avoid possible cyberattacks, IT operation management can assist in cybersecurity measures. By simply monitoring and supervising any threat that surfaces on one’s network, IT professionals can quickly act to protect sensitive data. Business owners can avoid large economic, reputation, and legal losses by incorporating a well-designed cybersecurity system.

Clients can also benefit from:

  • Boost in productivity
  • Scope of innovation
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced user experience

Enhance Your Technology with Kobargo

With nearly 50 years of experience working in technology, Kobargo is skilled in all matters of Information technology. We’ve partnered with Cisco Meraki, AWS, and Microsoft Azure to provide next-generation cloud-managed infrastructure and services for quicker deployment, scalability, and IT Operations Management with better performance. If you’re interested in upgrading your IT infrastructure, contact us today to learn how we can help. 



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