How Do Cloud Services Enhance Your Business Operations?

For the last year, companies have been swarming to reevaluate their operations to protect employees from the COVID-19 pandemic. One solution many have been implementing is work-from-home. As a result, businesses have been investing in cloud services to support their operations while everyone works remotely. 

As one of the premier IT companies in Phoenix, Kobargo helps businesses move their workloads from on-premises to the Cloud. Our technicians work closely with your business to ensure your digital infrastructure fits your needs. Read below to learn how our cloud services enhance your business operations. 

Cloud Services Improve Mobility

Mobile devices and applications are a critical part of work-from-home operations. They allow employees access to their organizations’ key services and data, elements that are essential in everyday work. According to Gartner, the demand variability related to mobile services is well-aligned with the adaptive cloud operating model, making cloud services perfect for supporting mobile.

Cloud-Computing Promotes Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of adopting cloud services to your business operations is its knack for collaboration. Software, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, are examples of how effective cloud-based collaboration is for cloud delivery due to their broad, horizontal applicability to most businesses. Not only does it promote collaboration, but it also allows remote workers to easily access documents and data their employees are working on, creating greater content management.

Cloud Services Can Provide Video Conferencing

You may have noticed an explosion of interest in video conferencing software. It’s become a valuable tool for employees who work from home as they promote collaboration and allow team members to stay up-to-date on important tasks, meetings, and much more. The huge demand for these video conferencing tools has put pressure on companies’ bandwidth, making cloud computing a great solution to deliver video conferencing while reducing its cost on bandwidth. 

Cloud-Computing Assists in Disaster Recovery

By 2023, 50% of organizations will increase their IT budgets for greater cloud-based disaster recovery. The cloud’s cost-effectiveness of using a pay-per-use environment to support unexpected events is highly sought-after in cloud computing solutions. The innovation creates a greater ability for companies to recover important data in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Services Ensure Your Business Operates As Normal

While the COVID-19 pandemic put a tremendous strain on businesses around the world, many continued operating. According to Gartner, 12% of their respondents said their business continued operating as normal during the pandemic. One of the ways they were able to achieve this was by utilizing cloud software to build resilience and eliminate a loss of productivity and data.

Kobargo Provides Innovative Cloud Services for A Wide Range of Industries

With nearly 50 years of experience working in IT, Kobargo knows how to design an effective digital infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to up your game with incredible cloud services or secure your data with incredible cybersecurity, we’re the go-to source. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services and how we can help enhance your business.



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