Microsoft Office 365: Is Your Supply Chain Under Cyberattack?

Microsoft Office 365

Many companies rely on Microsoft Office 365 in their day-to-day operations. It helps businesses improve their communication, secure quality cloud storage, centralize collaboration, and much more. But many people fail to realize that it can be a hotspot for cyberattacks, resulting in corrupted supply chains. 

Kobargo Technology Partners is one of Phoenix’s top Managed IT service providers that’s leading the way for incredible success for businesses. We work closely with every client to ensure their digital infrastructure is reliable, secure, and comprehensive for their business needs. Read our blog post below and learn how Microsoft Office 365 can be at risk of cyberattacks and how multi-factor authentication (MFA) can protect your business.

Microsoft Office 365 Users are Under Attack

For the last couple of years, Microsoft Office users have faced several challenges when it comes to their cybersecurity. In 2019, phishers used fake alerts to trick administrators into thinking their Office 365 licenses expired. According to Security Intelligence, they sent messages instructing them to click on a link so they could sign into the Office 365 Admin Center and review their payment details. This exposed their login credentials that resulted in many users and their customers having their sensitive financial data stolen.

Other cyberattackers used spoofing techniques to make the sender appear as if they were a fellow employee. This fooled admins into allowing an imposter Microsoft Office 365 app to access their inbox, contacts, and other account data. In May 2020, a phishing campaign was launched, which sent emails from what appeared to be the U.S. Supreme Court. They threatened users with a “subpoena,” which resulted in them clicking a button to a domain designed to steal Office 365 credentials. 

How Can Microsoft Office 365 Attackers Corrupt Your Supply Chain?

Phishers who attack your Office 365 account can do tremendous damage across your entire infrastructure. When it comes to your supply chain, they can scout you and your employees’ emails, using what they learn to go after your vendors and suppliers

Additionally, cyberattackers have comprised an entire IT network’s product update methods and misused their access to infect customers with malware. In 2020, one attacker comprised their victim’s Microsoft Office 365 emails, which corrupted and interrupted the company’s office productivity tools. 

There are many ways your Office 365 account can be corrupted, so it’s important to stay on top of safety protocols.

What Can I Do to Prevent Cyberattacks Towards My Microsoft Office 365?

While these cyberattacks present a very scary reality for businesses, there are ways to prevent them from happening. One way you can protect your business is with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Multi-factor authentication is an essential tool across almost all software. This helps identify users and secure your system from infiltration, especially when it comes to business emails. Companies that adopt MFA benefit from its ability to monitor any potential anomalies by requiring that users validate their access via a text message or by using an authenticator app (Microsoft Authenticator).

Other steps you can take to secure your Microsoft Office account include:

  • Streamline Your Digital Infrastructure: Long transitions to the cloud or an overly complex environment can hinder your IT resources and put you at risk. Simplify and streamline your infrastructure to improve productivity and protect your data.
  • Understand How Tools are Being Used: Certain software can create big problems if it falls into the wrong hands. It’s important that you spot any malicious or suspicious activity before damage can be done. So, look into how your employees use this software to ensure you can catch any irregularities, and limit access from the Internet.
  • Train Your Staff: The greatest line of defense starts with an educated staff. Train your employees on proper cybersecurity protocols. Conduct regular phishing tests to gauge how effective your team is on determining a potential attack.

Kobargo is Your Cybersecurity Partner

When you partner with Kobargo, you can expect the best. Our IT services are all-encompassing to ensure your digital infrastructure is strong, reliable, and matches your business needs. Recently, we’ve teamed up with Cisco’s Duo Security Platform to provide MFA for most web applications, including Microsoft Office 365, VPN, and Windows Domain logins. Contact Kobargo today to learn why we’re the go-to for quality cybersecurity solutions.



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