What is SASE and Does My Company Need It?

Computer with SASE

Business’ network communication and security needs are rapidly changing. With the mobile workforce growing and global connection more important than ever before, point solutions are becoming too complex to manage. Businesses need a single, cohesive solution for all network and security needs. SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, targets simplicity, automation, reliability, and flexible business models through a simple, single converged solution.

Kobargo Technology Partners is Arizona’s go-to for quality cybersecurity and network solutions. We work with a wide range of industry professionals to ensure their data is secure and maintain their operational effectiveness. Read our blog post below to learn about this program and what it can do for your company.

First, What Exactly is SASE?

For a long time, businesses had to use point solutions to address a single use case or challenge that exists within a business (for example, MPLS, VPNs or point-to-point WAN connections), with SASE this is no longer necessary. It achieves this through a simple, single converged solution that has a global reach, is cloud-native, and supports all edges. Secure Access Service Edge, is a solution for all network and security needs. In 2019, Gartner recognized this as a new technology category. 

What Sets SASE Apart?

SASE is a converged network solution. It makes IT management easy and intuitive. It is built from the ground up in a manner that can answer all

network and security needs – todays and the futures. Several key features set it apart from other answers to IT challenges:

  • SASE is Not a Chain of Point Solutions: Point solutions are tools or software that address a single issue within a business. SASE erases the need for single solution technology each time a problem arises.
  • It is Ready for Future Needs: SASE is designed with the ability to expand to any future needs without having to integrate with external solutions.
  • Convergence is Key: Converged networking and security are key to SASE. It combines the WAN Edge, network and security, web gateway, Cloud Access Security Brokers, next gen firewalls & VPNs.
  • Global Collaboration: SASE is an optimal and secure network access solution for all edges. Any type of user can access from anywhere.

The Problem IT Specialists Need To Solve

IT and security teams are trying their best to address rapidly changing business needs and digital transformation requirements, but the result is a pile of point solutions that become too complex to manage and fail to answer the changing needs of the business. Before COVID, the main task of IT was to connect branch locations in smarter and more affordable ways. More recently, IT and security teams have been forced to come up with access and security solutions for a workforce no matter where they login. IT needs to be able to provide solutions to problems that are difficult to foresee. 

Does My Business Need to Upgrade?

Businesses need ongoing communication and effective security. Managing multiple systems requires a lot of time and personnel that can become costly. Not having a cohesive network and security solution requires a new solution each time a new problem arises. SASE cuts time and costs by reducing the need for system integrations. 

As the digital workforce transitions to the cloud, IT and security teams need to ensure and enable secure network access to any edge and the cloud. While there are other point solutions that could suffice for business needs, successful businesses need solutions to any new network or security problem quickly. SASE will continue to add new network technologies as part of the network, via convergence and not as integration projects. It is a great solution for businesses looking to solve current and future business needs with one converged solution. 

Kobargo Can Help With SASE

Kobargo has partnered to deliver SASE with Cato Networks. We appropriately design and size affordably-priced solutions for small and mid-sized company budgets, including low total cost of ownership. As your network and security partner, we strengthen your defenses at all layers of the network with detection, visibility, and intelligence. If you require assistance with implementing SASE to your business please contact us.



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