Migrating to a SASE Model: How Do You Do It?

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Organizations of all sizes are working towards replacing or complementing their current network systems. One way they’re achieving this is by investing in a SASE model because of its simplicity, automation, reliability, and flexibility. But, how does a business migrate to this model? 

Kobargo Technology Partners is Arizona’s go-to for quality cybersecurity and network solutions. We work with a wide range of industry professionals to ensure their data is secure and their operational effectiveness is maintained. Read our blog post below to learn about the SASE program and how to migrate it into your digital infrastructure.

What is SASE?

SASE (secure access service edge) is a new end-to-end network and cybersecurity infrastructure designed to enhance one’s digital architecture. It provides optimal and secure network access solutions for all edges for any type of user from anywhere. Moreover, it converges network components and security systems including SD-WAN, secure web gateways, CASB, firewalls, and VPNs. The model was also designed with the ability to expand any future needs without having to integrate with external solutions.

When Should You Invest in a SASE Model?

Migrating to a secure access service edge is a long-term project that requires extensive planning, so you need to start as soon as you can. Here are four signs that you need to start planning to migrate to a secure access service edge model.

  1. Lack of Flexibility: If your network isn’t flexible enough to adapt to your business changes and future initiatives, then it’s time to make a shift. This can occur when you’re supporting new cloud workloads, adapting to a growing mobile workforce, and quickly branching out your business.
  2. You Have a Lot of Security Systems in Place: It’s good to be secure from potential cyber threats. But, having a ton of security walls to install, manage, and maintain can be cumbersome. SASE has the power to secure new and existing sites, applications, data, and users from malicious activity.
  3. Poor Performance: If your employees are complaining about poor business application performance affecting their productivity, it’s time to make a change. This is especially critical when working with video and voice applications.
  4. Limited Visibility: You need full visibility into your network to ensure everything is functioning properly. Imagine facing an issue without getting the full picture. It’s pretty tough! With a secure access service edge, you can!

How to Have a Successful Migration

Businesses often underestimate the impact a strong network can have on their digital networks and overall success. The model gives companies better efficiency, security, and convenience that leads the charge to an incredibly operational network. But, before you can enjoy its power, you need to make the right moves. So, before you invest completely in a secure access service edge, you need to:

  • Eliminate imitation network vendors: A real SASE model will offer convergence, cloud-native architecture, support for all edges, and can be globally distributed in your network. If you see a program not offering these – run and find another provider. 
  • Make sure your model doesn’t require additional products: In addition, make sure your secure access service edge incorporates capabilities such as built-in WAN optimization, cloud optimization, advanced threat prevention, and flexible management models.
  • Set up a PoC: An ideal PoC will work hand-in-hand with a secure access service edge. Verify that the PoC covers both SD-WAN and security capabilities across your entire network. 

Kobargo Can Help Install SASE into Your Digital Infrastructure

Kobargo has partnered to deliver secure access service edges with Cato Networks. We appropriately design and size affordably-priced solutions for small and mid-sized company budgets, including low total cost of ownership. As your network and security partner, we strengthen your defenses at all layers of the network with detection, visibility, and intelligence. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!



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