The Benefits of a SASE Model

Benefits of SASE Solutions

In the world of information technology, these past few years have seen tremendous growth when it comes to digital infrastructure. One area where this is very apparent is the quality of security solutions available to companies in different industries.  SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a model designed for maximum security and improved productivity. But, how does it achieve this? What are its other benefits?

Kobargo Technology Partners is Arizona’s go-to for quality cybersecurity and network solutions. We work with a wide range of industry professionals to ensure their data is secure and their operational effectiveness is maintained. Read our blog post below to learn about the SASE model and how it can benefit your business. 

What is SASE?

SASE is a new end-to-end network and cybersecurity infrastructure designed to enhance one’s digital architecture. It provides optimal and secure network access solutions for all edges for any type of user from anywhere. Moreover, it converges network components and security systems including SD-WAN, secure web gateways, CASB, firewalls, and VPNs. The model was also designed with the ability to expand any future needs without having to integrate with external solutions.

Below are just a few of its benefits:

Improved Cloud Technology

Before cloud technology, data was typically stored in multiple points which made it hard for data to grow within your business. Fortunately for us, cloud computing stores all data and allows it to move within your business, making connections more efficient and secure. 

Companies that invest in SASE technology will find that the program eases sharing data and improves your digital infrastructure. In the long run, this can save your company from cyber-attacks and enables you to revoke access to information just as fast as you can share it.

SASE Lowers the Cost of Network Security

Another benefit to investing in a secure access service edge model is its ability to reduce the costs of one’s network security. This is the result of its ability to take what would normally be multiple network points that you pay for individually and combine them into one, cloud-based network at one price. 

SASE removes the need for tech personnel, equipment space, hardware integrations, and more. By eliminating the middle-man out of your digital operations, your monthly costs for cybersecurity will be lowered without affecting your peace of mind.

SASE Fully Integrates SD-WAN 

SD-WAN is a revolutionary innovation that connects businesses easier to the cloud. With SD-WAN, a business can migrate away from closed, proprietary Wide Area Networks. It’s enabled companies to gain more flexibility and enjoy cost savings while feeling at ease knowing their data is secure. 

SASE works with SD-WAN by incorporating security protocols while increasing the network’s reach, supporting mobile devices, internet-of-things (IoT) devices, and other devices that need a connection to the network. 

Kobargo is Your Source for Quality IT Services

Partnering with Cato Networks, Kobargo and Cato will deliver SASE to your business. We will configure, connect, deploy, and manage your Cloud solutions so you can run your business and not have to worry about your network security. We build your cloud-based security around your business, giving you the best possible solution. As your business grows, your network should grow with it. Contact us today to begin your SASE integration.



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