Why IT Security Uses SASE to Protect Against Ransomware

You’re in business to grow and develop; not to suffer from preventable internet security problems. Ransomware is just that— preventable. Especially in a time when more businesses and corporations are operating in remote and hybrid environments. Nearly all educational institutions have had to make this adjustment as well. 

However, before we look at the solution, we need to better understand why ransomware is so detrimental to your business and how it creeps in when left undetected. Where have you heard the term ‘ransomware’ lately? How about in the news. However, you’re less likely to remember the name and more likely to take note of its negative impact. The attacks of ransomware have resulted in security breaches within the Colonial Pipeline, local government, school systems, police departments, etc.

Understanding Ransomware and the Network IT Connection

Unfortunately, inherent to every computer operating system, there are going to be security vulnerabilities of various kinds. Network IT bugs need to be identified and exterminated from your company’s IT system on a regular basis. However, what is even more concerning is when malicious groups purposefully exploit those vulnerabilities to the demise of the business organization.

Ransomware is when malware or intentional bad software is transferred over the internet to sit dormant in your IT systems until a predetermined time to deploy and access your private information. The purpose of this is to hold the company or person financially responsible for paying a ransom to keep their sensitive information private and unwillfully exposed to the public.

Taking Internet Security Precautions with SASE

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based platform that combines a wide range of intelligent cybersecurity systems to block and combat any ransomware interference. 

SASE systems include:

  • Software-defined WAN security (SD-WAN)
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Zero-Trust Access Coverage
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) managed threat detection
  • Combined VPN and CASB tools
  • Traffic visibility across the network
  • Reroutes encrypted traffic to service edge access points

These advanced IT network security tools create a fortress of protection against any breaches in your network. Since SASE combines so much into one system, it is cost-effective, flexible, and less complex than other IT network security options available.

Going Remote and Hybrid Requires Stronger Protection Against Ransomware

With the increase of companies and education systems going remote or hybrid; the increased demand for cyber security is pivotal. Retaining privacy and security in a home environment with shared space is threatening to IT information security. You simply cannot take the chance of having your information stolen and held against you. More and more corporations and universities are seeking ways to increase their IT network security systems to prevent this from happening.

Thankfully, SASE is a highly advanced solution to prevent computer hackers and digital intrusion from occurring. SASE was designed to cover all bases and provide a uniform defense with full transparency into the network traffic and its origin. Firewalls are limited in their ability to provide the defense larger IT networks need. They are a single source of cybersecurity and sophisticated hackers will be able to bypass these systems in most cases.

Kobargo is Your Source for Quality IT Services

Partnering with Kobargo ensures cyber security peace of mind. We assist with selecting the best security options for your company and setting up preconfigured, connect, deploy, and manage your Cloud solutions so you can run your business and not have to worry about your network security. 
We build your cloud-based security around your business, giving you the best possible solution. As your business grows, your network should grow with it. Contact us today to begin your SASE integration.



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