5 Reasons Why Security Awareness Training Is Important

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness training is vital for employees in any organization. Nearly all security breaches are a result of human involvement. Equipping your team with the knowledge and ability to recognize and disarm internet security threats is an important responsibility. 

If you haven’t already set aside time to train your team on how to manage potential security risks, then you need to. Making security a top priority is a necessity in today’s age when too many headlines announce data breaches, identity theft, stolen intellectual property and much more. 

The Importance of Security Awareness Training 

Start planning to fully train and keep your team updated on security protocol and changes that impact daily operations. Doing so will ensure your organization reaps the following benefits.

1. Reduced Phishing and Data Breaches 

Awareness is the key to empowering your team to accurately detect suspicious activity and avoid cooperating with malicious tactics used on the unsuspecting. Even the most basic awareness training helps prevent data phishing and security breaches as opposed to having no awareness training at all. 

2. Promotes a Culture of Cybersecurity 

Awareness training helps cultivate a company culture that values internet protection at all times. It shows what the company’s expectations are for everyone regarding information security. Not only do you want to raise awareness on situational cyber threats but also provide advanced training on how to report and manage socially engineered threats.

Employees who work from home and use company property and platforms need specialized training that covers taking technology into public areas. Your team is your most important asset when it comes to guarding against IT security threats.

3. Promotes Confidence in Your Customers

Your customers deserve to have the peace of mind of knowing the information they share is fully protected from any type of internet theft. Doing your due diligence involves getting your entire team on board with cybersecurity awareness training. Your security credentials are often a deciding factor for customers choosing who to partner with and whether to share sensitive information on your digital platforms. You owe it to everyone connected with your company to provide adequate security measures to protect against any small or major threat detected. By prioritizing your security front, you might even see an increase in customers who choose to partner with you based on the security measures you employ. 

4. Be Compliant and Avoid Legal Issues

Security awareness training for the purpose of legal compliance is not a benefit per se, but having the protection of following protocol prevents you from experiencing legal issues. Depending on the type of industry you serve, you have different legal requirements. In general, avoid doing the bare minimum when it comes to training your employees and leaders in matters of digital security. 

5. A Win-Win 

Everyone wins after taking the time to go through common security breaches your team is likely to encounter and how to block, report and remove the threat appropriately. More knowledge is more power, especially when it comes to eliminating online vulnerabilities – that’s worth your investment. 

Don’t let another year go by without ensuring your team is trained and competent in all matters related to digital information security. Unfortunately, there is a time when it is too late to take the necessary precautions. You don’t have to allow your business to become a victim and lose financially when preventative steps are available. Take action right away.

Kobargo Leads Phoenix Businesses in Quality IT Services

Partnering with Kobargo helps you get the IT services you need most. We assist with selecting the best security options for your company and connecting, deploying, and managing your network cloud solutions. You’ve got a business to run and we are here to fully support your network security with our valuable services. 

Data breaches and malware are an unfortunate reality, but your company does not have to be a victim of IT attacks. We build your cloud-based security around your business, giving you the best possible solution. As your business grows, your network should grow with it.

Contact us today to begin assessing your options and making the necessary changes that secure your success.



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