Security “of” the Cloud vs Security “in” the Cloud

There are plenty of good reasons to move to the cloud such as reducing hardware and software costs, recovering valuable office space used to store hardware, scaling compute and storage resources and only paying for what you use. These are just some of the advantages...

Getting Smarter with Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is the Smart Way to go for Layered Security Intrusion doesn’t just happen at the edge of your network. With the latest malware exploits using http and https (SSL) to access and compromise desktops and servers, cyber threats are bypassing even the best firewalls...

Cybersecurity ‘Resolutions’ for 2017


In 2017 cyber security will be a top priority for businesses everywhere, so let's all start the year off more securely with these New Year Cybersecurity Resolutions from our security experts.



No Deal for Ransomware Hackers – A Case Study

No Deal for Ransomware Hackers: A family-run produce company hit by CryptoLocker avoided paying ransom for its data by restoring critical supplier account data from a cloud backup

ransom Cybercrime is relentless and devastating. Global...