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Upgrade Windows 7 in 2020

With the impending Windows 7 end of life on January 14, 2020, businesses are taking advantage of moving to a modern desktop such as Windows 10 or a cloud-based solution. Either approach takes time to evaluate and make an enterprise-wide upgrade. At Kobargo Technology Partners, our experts are here to provide

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Holiday Greetings From Your Friends at Kobargo

We’ve had another amazing year here at Kobargo Technology Partners and we want to share the joy. You helped us all live up to our guiding principles once again in 2019, so thank you! This year we were able to: Focus our contributions toward a greater good Help our peers

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Data Breaches: Reliable Backup and Recovery Solutions are Essential

Join us for a FREE cloud backup and recovery event breakfast September 17th Data breaches have become a costly problem for businesses, both large, and small, in today’s increasingly technology-dependent workplaces. In the face of these massive, unprecedented cyber-security attacks on business, are you hungry for information on how you

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How is your Dealership Storing Data?

How do you store your Automotive Dealership Data? Internet car shoppers are becoming more and more common which means data breaches and cyberattacks are also becoming more frequent and so much costlier than we realize. The Ponemon Institute conducted a survey in 2015, which concluded a data breach costs roughly

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Security "of" the Cloud vs Security "in" the Cloud

There are plenty of good reasons to move to the cloud such as reducing hardware and software costs, recovering valuable office space used to store hardware, scaling compute and storage resources and only paying for what you use. These are just some of the advantages of leveraging the cloud. But

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Cyber Security Awareness (Part 1)

Since 2004 the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security and the non-profit National Cyber Security Alliance have sponsored National Cyber Security Awareness month every October as a way to remind all of us – both individuals and businesses – to be wary of cyber risks and

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Hosted Cloud Server Starter's Guide

What is it? Hosted Cloud Server is a server operating system and application running on a server in a data center. Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses looking to leverage the cloud to reduce capital costs and on premise equipment. CONSERVES CAPITAL and CASH by eliminating the need

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Mobile Devices and Your Data

In today’s fast-paced world of meeting and deadlines – not to mention the multitude of kid soccer games and other activities – most of us work long after the close of business. Sometimes it’s out of necessity (your In-box rivals the tallest peak of Mt. Everest) and sometimes it’s just

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Hosted VOIP Starter’s Guide

What is it? Hosted VOIP is a full featured, cloud based phone system usually delivered over a multi-megabit Internet connection. Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses looking to leverage the cloud to reduce capital costs and on premise equipment. Leverage your existing Internet connection, no additional carrier

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