Cyber Alert Monday 4-27-2020 – cybercrime

Last week, compromised email accounts expose customer data, ransomware disrupts remote work, and the FBI releases a new warning about COVID-19 related healthcare cybercrime.    United States – AST LLC Exploit: Employee payroll breach AST LLC.: Cloud & digital transformation service provider   Risk to Small Business: 1.871 = Severe Using a previously compromised

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Cyber Alert Monday 4-20-2020 – cybercriminals

Last week, third party contractors put data at risk, phishing scams continue to target unprepared employees, and cybercriminals target online retailers as the pandemic continues to keep customers out of stores.     United States – Wolfe & Associates  Exploit: Unauthorized access Wolfe & Associates: Property management company Risk to Small Business: 2.756 = Moderate A

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Cyber Alert Monday 4-13-2020 – Malware Targets

Last week, ransomware slows COVID-19 treatment development, malware targets online shoppers, and phishing scams jump by 667% in a month.  United States – Social Bluebook Exploit: Unauthorized database access Social Bluebook: Social media platform Risk to Small Business: 2.117 = Severe Cybercriminals ex-filtrated a company database containing personal information from thousands of internet influencers.

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Tighten Up Your Cyber Defense with Kobargo

A cyber defense has a relatively short lifespan. Many measures you’ve used to defend your system last year may be obsolete by 2021. New threats such as crypto-mining and filesless attacks are on the rise.  Whether you are a national company with major IT efforts or a small business looking

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Cyber Alert Monday 4-6-2020 – Social Distancing

Last week, phishing attacks reel in a bountiful catch in the healthcare sector, how social distancing makes companies vulnerable to a data breach, and cybersecurity tips for working from home.  United States – Tandem Diabetes Care Exploit: Phishing scamTandem Diabetes Care: Medical device manufacturer Risk to Small Business: 2.555= Severe Five employees fell for a phishing scam that gave

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Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 3-30-2020 Cybercrime

Last week, cybercrime makes COVID-19 recovery more difficult, unsecured databases give away millions of records, and resources you need to protect data during this challenging time.  Switzerland – World Health Organization Exploit: Phishing scamWorld Health Organization: United Nations agency responsible for international public health   Risk to Small Business: 1.888= Severe: Hospital workers

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Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 3-23-2020 COVID-19

Last week, a ransomware attack impacts COVID-19 care, what happens when a company ignores basic security protocols, and mitigating cybersecurity risks during the Coronavirus pandemic. United States – Whisper  Exploit: Unsecured database.Whisper: Privacy-focused messaging app.   Risk to Small Business: 2.111 = Severe: Developers overlooked basic security protocols when they left a database containing

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Develop a Cybersecurity Checklist

It should come as no surprise that in today’s day and age, IT is top of mind and at the forefront of almost everything businesses do. From their ability to operate at all to the processes that help them improve, digital is the way a lot of work is being

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Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 3-16-2020 Coronavirus Scam

Last week, ransomware puts contracts at risk, big security errors lead to big fines, and the rise of Coronavirus-related phishing scams. United States – Visser Precision Exploit: Ransomware.Visser Precision: Parts manufacturer for space and defense contractors. Risk to Small Business: 2.111 = Severe: Visser Precision was infected with data exfiltrating

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Data Breach, Cyber Alert Monday 3-9-2020 Phishing

Last week, C-suite executives are compromised, failure to password protect customer data leads to breach, and phishing scam awareness begins to improve. United States – Slickwraps Exploit: Unprotected database. Slickwraps: Producer and distributor of hardware skins. Risk to Small Business: 2 = Severe: The company’s databases lacked basic protections that exposed customer data to

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