How to Prevent Ransomware Data Breaches

Ransomware is a serious and increasing threat to all organizations. Anyone can fall victim to a ransomware incident so it’s best to be proactive and responsible in protecting sensitive and personal data on any system. Since this is such an issue, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has come

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Microsoft Defender

Keep Your Business Safe: Check for Safe Links With Microsoft Defender

The coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for businesses as they adapt to a new model of operating. Another challenge they are facing is the uptick of malicious activity, putting their livelihoods at great risk. As a result, companies are adapting their digital infrastructure and cybersecurity with innovative solutions. Microsoft

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4 Tips to Keep Your Information Safe While Surfing Social Media

Social media is a wonderful tool that allows us to engage with family and friends with the click of a button. It also allows businesses to interact with current and prospective customers. It has become an integral part of modern lives. However, many people view social media with rose-colored glasses

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Keep Your Cybersecurity Tight with Kobargo

With organizations relying on internet technology in their everyday operations, it is extremely important to protect confidential company information. Ensure your business is not vulnerable to an attack by hiring a skilled IT company that is effective and will stay on top of your defenses. At Kobargo Technology Partners, we

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Cyber Alert Monday 6-22-2020 – Ransomware Risk

Last week, ransomware risk shuts down the production of cars and beer, phishing lands a professional haul, the risk of working remote, and your IT security plan! United States – ST Engineering  Exploit: ransomware riskST Engineering: aeronautics contractor  Risk to Small Business: 1.732 = Severe The San Antonio, Texas branch of defense, aeronautics, and

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Cyber Alert Monday 6-15-2020 – Oversights

Last week, glaring oversights lead to data disasters, ransomware puts governance out of action, and a new study shows the enormous cost of data breaches.  United States – Westech International Exploit: RansomwareWestech International: Nuclear maintenance subcontractor  Risk to Small Business: 1.510 = Severe Cybercriminals associated with the MAZE ransomware group exfiltrated company data

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Cyber Alert Monday 6-8-2020 – Malware attack

Last week, slow breach responses put customers at risk, a malware attack undermines the benefits of shopping online, and a new study reveals that frequently resetting passwords is essential even if they haven’t been directly compromised.   United States – Quidd Exploit: Unauthorized database access Quidd: Digital collectibles app  Risk to Small Business: 2.137 =

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Cyber Alert Monday 6-1-2020 – Database Access

Last week, accidental database access erodes brand reputation, ransomware disrupts operations, and insurers increase their scrutiny of cybersecurity policies. United States – Edison Mail   Exploit: Coding error Edison Mail: Email application   Risk to Small Business: 2.171 = Severe A coding error in Edison Mail’s popular iOS app allowed messages to be viewed

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Cyber Alert Monday 5-25-2020 – cybercriminal activity

Last week, ransomware disrupts remote work, accidental data sharing compromises customer data, and cybercriminal activity reaches an all-time high.   United States – Sparboe  Exploit: Ransomware Sparboe: Egg producer   Risk to Small Business: 2.351 = Severe Cybercriminals have targeted a vulnerable food supplier with ransomware that encrypted files and exfiltrated data. In addition

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How to Prevent a Medical Data Breach

Protecting Medical Data In today’s technological world, most industries are at risk of possible security breaches. With so much valuable personal data at risk, healthcare professionals agree precautions must be made for practices to protect themselves from a medical data breach.  It not only shields patient’s data, but it also

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