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Mobile Devices and Your Data

In today’s fast-paced world of meeting and deadlines – not to mention the multitude of kid soccer games and other activities – most of us work long after the close of business. Sometimes it’s out of necessity (your In-box rivals the tallest peak of Mt. Everest) and sometimes it’s just

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Hosted VOIP Starter’s Guide

What is it? Hosted VOIP is a full featured, cloud based phone system usually delivered over a multi-megabit Internet connection. Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses looking to leverage the cloud to reduce capital costs and on premise equipment. Leverage your existing Internet connection, no additional carrier

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Cyber Security Starter’s Guide

What is it? Cyber security is the implementation and process of protecting your business from unauthorized access to its computers, networks, applications and data. Intended Audience: CXO, Owners, Principals, Partners and ALL businesses needing to secure their networks and data. Create, publish, disseminate and verbally communicate acceptable usage policies to all

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Headed for the CLOUD

The cloud is changing the way businesses use technology. The next step in the computing evolution, the cloud provides resources—like software applications, servers, and storage—from a provider’s network and hardware. No longer do users need to purchase, manage, and maintain equipment! Constraints of space, time, power, and cost are permanently

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VIRTUALIZATION for your business

A Piece of Cake and More Dynamic Too Business leaders who opt to virtualize their IT infrastructure find that this decision makes a huge impact. Computing becomes vastly simpler and more efficient, and equipment becomes less expensive to own, maintain, and manage. Applications run like lightning and performance soars. Operations

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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Time is Money…Or Not! With traditional telephone lines, Packet Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), customers pay for every minute telephones are used. International calls are particularly expensive. VoIP delivers voice and other communications including faxes, texts and videos using Internet Protocol (IP) networks, the same networks currently providing your internet service.

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